does one CHOOSE a 5-8 anyway?

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A lot of people think that they side hustle, aka their 5-8 needs to make them lots and lots of money. This is why I don't love the term "side hustle".  Your 5-8 doesn’t need to start making you money TODAY. It should bring you something though: money, experience, skills, relationships, joy.

A way to think about it…

What do you want your "someday" job to be?

How can you start on that TODAY while you do the "paying bills" 8-5 job?

Why not spend your hours from 5-8 am or 5-8 pm…

  1. Take that intro class or watch that intro video
  2. Try creating your own version of it or practice what you saw in the training
  3. Connect with leaders in that industry
  4. Start blogging/sharing/video-making about it (if you want--you can also keep this just your secret)

These are all things you can do TODAY to start learning more about that job and get past the beginner phase before "someday" arrives.

Once you build up some skills and start building relationships, the business opportunity will present itself.  For me, I went to fashion school with no goal other than learning to sew for myself and be able to duplicate dresses that I loved, but were now out-of-stock. I made my own clothes for 8 years. Only after I started using fabric from Nigeria to make work clothes did people chase me down the street to ask where I got my dress and where could they get one.  This was the moment I realized I had a business opportunity. Not before, not after.

Take the pressure off yourself and just focus on learning the skills now.

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