What's your 5-8?

Posted by Dona Sarkar on

You got a day job? Is it 8-5ish? Good.

It’s a VERY good idea to start your own thing on the side in addition to your 8-5. I call it a 5-8. 

I have a GREAT 8-5 day job of being a software engineering leader at Microsoft. I've had this job for 15 years. 

On the side though, as a 5-8, I run Prima Dona, my fashion biz from 5 am to 8 am and then again 5pm-8 pm. And weekends of course.  Before Prima Dona, I've been writing books since 2002 and been published 8 times. Same schedule. Instead of waking up to sew or design fashion, I'd wake up and produce pages. I’ve always had a 5-8 of some sort ever since I started working in the corporate world in 2002. 

A 5-8 can be practicing something, freelancing, consulting, small gigs, teaching courses, blogging, or a full-on business. Whatever it is, it’s something that YOU own. It’s something you do for and with YOUR customers. You can get fired, laid off or aged out of your 8-5 at any time, but your 5-8? That’s YOURS. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be the owner of your own “thing” and never have a gap in your resume?

Do this for yourself today: Think about what you want to do "someday". Yes, THAT crazy dream once you have all the money and stability you need. How can you start building the skills to do that thing tomorrow start at 5 am or 5 pm?


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