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FAQ - Fabulously Asked Questions

Miri Rodriguez, wearing a sleeveless pink Prima Dona dress with blue, red and green floral accents

Why do you want to get banned from New York Fashion Week?

Because the fashion industry are a bunch of unethical jerks. They tell women that they need to look thinner, younger, sexier--and then claim to have the solutions to their problems.  And on top of this, they get their clothing made by low-income women in China and Bangladesh who they put to work in horrible conditions for 18 hour days.

We don't play this game. We're in the business of elevating and celebrating people, not "fixing" them. We're in the business  of creating the MOST inclusive fashion line in the world. Our clothing is hand-made by super talented women in Seattle, Bridgetown, Johannesburg, Lagos and Jakarta who we pay Seattle wages because…why the hell would we not? We are fully on board with disrupting out fashion has worked for the past 100 years.


When are you going to make men's clothing?

We have done one round of experiments with our custom unisex hoodies. Since this has gone incredibly well, we will be debutting a new asymmetrical hoodie in 2022. 

We also have some shirt experiments in progress with many more debuting in 2022 spring. 

Check out what we've currently got> https://primadonastudios.com/collections/earning-the-negronis


Do you have a store where I can try these on?

 You have NO IDEA how much we wish we had a perma boutique to see your lovely face IRL. Alas, due to all of the expense that comes with it and in an effort to keep our costs low for YOU, we have three options for trying these on IRL:

  1. We have several of our pieces at The Finerie in Seattle.  Ask for Prima Dona pieces and Michael or Tonya will help you out!
  2. We rent many of our piece through our amazing friends at https://www.armoire.style/  who have a AI-driven clothing rental service that ONLY recommends you clothing per your style. It's like having a smart friend who the choosing for you.  Sign up for their service. Ask for "Prima Dona" in your case in the Note to Stylist box.
  3. We occasionally have popups around the world so we can meet you. So far we've had them in Seattle, Barbados and New York and they were insanely fun. We are eyeing London and Los Angeles in the future so keep an eye on our Instagram for the latest news: https://www.instagram.com/PrimaDonaStudios/
  4. We have a perma setup at an appointment-only private studio in Seattle. If you’d like to make an appointment to come in and try stuff on, please ping us at dona@theoriginstories.com and we'll get you sorted.


I love one of the dresses, but it's out of stock. When do you think you'll have it back?

Yay, we love to hear that you love one of our pieces. One of the downsides of working with VERY small batch fabric manufacturer is that they make very limited quantities of material. Once it's gone, it's gone forever.  Hit us up with what you're looking for though and we'll try our best to find you something similar. Remember, we're fabric addicts, so we're happy to go on a hunt for the PERFECT thing for you.



4 of our favorite customers and role models wearing Prima Dona dresses at our popup in New York