Banned from NYFW – Prima Dona Studios

Banned from NYFW

Our mission at Prima Dona is to get banned from New York Fashion Week. 



The fashion industry is built on making people feel BAD about themselves.  You know the messages, "If you buy this, you'll look younger. This will make you look thinner.  If you wear this, you'll feel sexier. "


F*ck that.

I hated that as a fashion lover, I continued to fund this bullsh*t. I didn’t see a mainstream fashion house out there specifically created to RESPECT and CELEBRATE people exactly how they are…not try to fix them.

So we decided to create it.


We're sick of a bunch of people in same black sweater in Paris and NYC deciding what we should be wearing. 


(Lingerie as office wear? Really fashion industry? Have you ever actually BEEN in an office? I digress)


Instead of dictating "trends" that people should follow, we look to YOU to tell us what you want to wear. 




Only once we co-create with you, do we get on planes, journeying to the far ends of the earth in search of the perfect fabric for your clothes.  We obsess over the zillionth bolt of Dutch wax and silk chiffon--unfurled in a kaleidoscope on tables across Tokyo, Lagos, Paris, Nairobi, Barcelona, Milan, Buenos Aires, Accra, Johannesburg, Jakarta and Detroit (and who knows where next). FINALLY, we're willing to choose something that's perfect *for you*.




After this, a Prima Dona artisan hand-cuts and stitches your garment WHEN you order it.  No two pieces are the same in our bespoke process. Our artisans live and work all over the world and we pay them Seattle wages because... well, why would we not?



Our pieces are:
  • Co-created by detail-oriented engineers and YOU
  • Tailored by artisans all over the world
  • Quality controlled in Seattle by extremely picky testers before being shipped to you


Here at Prima Dona, we don't want you to be MORE anything. 
We just want you to be YOU...more.

You are a wonderful human exactly how you are. Thank you for letting us celebrate you. 


<3 The Prima Dona team 
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