Banned from NYFW – Prima Dona Studios

Banned from NYFW

We fully expect Prima Dona Studios to get banned from New York Fashion Week. 
Because we refuse to play their game. 
The fashion industry is built on making people feel LESS about themselves.  You know the messages, "If you buy this, you'll look younger. This will make you look thinner.  If you wear this, you'll feel sexier. "
Meanwhile, garment workers (80% women) are notoriously underpaid, most often living below the poverty line. 
We hated that as fashion lovers, we continued to fund this bullsh*t. 
We didn't see a TRULY inclusive fashion line that caters to people of all sizes and genders and disabilities. 
So we decided to create it.


 Photo of Dona Sarkar draping fabric over a table at New York Fashion Academy 


Instead of dictating "trends" that people should follow, we look to YOU to tell us what you want to wear.  Our pieces are co-created with and named after our role models in life and business as well as the street style in our favorite travel destinations. 
Our Prima Dona Studios pieces are all hand-crafted and constructed to last a whole lifetime. 



 A collage of four pictures of Dona holding colorful fabric from 4 different countries
Our pieces are:
Co-created by detail-oriented engineers and YOU
Tailored by artisans all over the world getting paid Seattle wages
Quality controlled in Seattle by extremely picky testers before being shipped to you


     Collage of photos of our team doing various fittings on dressforms and people

    No fast fashion means no rush means we don’t need to exploit our tailors to produce faster or to pressure our customers to buy things they don’t need.

    Prima Dona will be around for 100+ years, so we will build our business slowly, thoughtfully and ethically to make sure we live by our principles all day, every day.

    Our customers are some of the most powerful people in tech and business.

    Our tailors make a living with their art.

    Will we really create the MOST inclusive fashion line in the world?
     Oh heck yes. Let's #DoTheThing🚀

    Are you in to join us?

    <3 The Prima Dona team 
    Contact us for any questions, concerns or compliments

     Collage of pictures of our teams in Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya holding a sign that says
    "I Made Your Clothes"