About Us


Our mission at Prima Dona is not to make clothes, but to forge wearable art to armor you for your adventures.




We get on planes constantly, journeying to the far ends of the earth in search of the perfect fabric for each Prima Dona.  Only after we've personally obsessed over the hundredth bolt of silk chiffon--unfurled in a kaleidoscope on tables across Tokyo, Lagos, Paris, Nairobi, Barcelona, Milan, Buenos Aires, Accra, Johannesburg, Jakarta and Detroit (and who knows where next)--are we willing to make the final selection. 




After this, a Prima Dona tailor hand-cuts and stitches your garment WHEN you order it.  No two pieces are the same in our bespoke process. We try not to waste a scrap of our precious fabric.



Our pieces are:
  • Designed by visionary artists and detail-oriented engineers
  • Tailored by artisans all over the world
  • Quality controlled in Seattle by extremely picky testers before being shipped to you


Our pieces are not simply clothing. They are art. You will get more compliments from strangers on these pieces than you've ever heard in your life.  When you join the Prima Dona tribe, you're not just wearing  armor, you're joining a community of ethical b@dasses like you don't wait for things to happen to them…they go out and happen to things.

You ready for this?

<3 The Prima Dona team 
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