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5 Step Process for Choosing Your 5-8/Side-Hustle

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“I want to find a good 5-8, something that can maybe become a full-time thing, but I have too many ideas. How do you choose?”

Sound like you? This is a great question I hear a lot.

I love a good framework to solve problems, so I made one to help people generate ideas and select one to start. This process works GREAT for 5-8 choosing. Try to set aside one hour and do the following 5 steps. Don't think too hard, just do it. You'll be surprised at what's in your head.

  1. What are the guiding questions to generate ideas? For choosing a 5-8, I like the following three questions:
    • What are things I liked to do as a kid? For me, it was writing and drawing. I used to have an overactive imagination and used to write down all the stories in my head
    • What are things that look fun but I have not tried? I watched a bunch of Project Runway and started doing random mods to my clothes with pins before deciding to learn to sew.
    • What are things that I help people with? For over a decade, people have called on me for advice on how to get out of their comfort zones, overcome their imposter syndrome and pursue their goals aka #DoTheThing without it being a big risk.


  1. Write down at least 20 side-hustle ideas that come from these questions. Don't filter. Just write down at least 20 ideas--no matter how bad. In fact, have it be a goal that half of these ideas should be REALLY BAD.
  2. Save this list somewhere. You'll want to look back on it later.  Now choose 5 things from this list that you’re excited to try this year.
  3. Now choose ONE thing from this list that you can’t stop thinking about.
  4. For that ONE thing you chose, do one bit of research NOW. I call this Step 0. Search for a video, an online class, a blog, etc.


Focus on this thing you chose for at least one month, giving it one hour a day. If you’re still excited by it after a month, you’ve got something. If not, go back to your list of five and choose something else. Something on your list of 20 will work.

I find the easiest way to do this is to block one hour and just focus. Really tune yourself to what you’re thinking during this time.

For those of you looking for a potential 5-8, try it and let me know what you think!


Dona is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Prima Dona Studios, a fashion line that helps women achieve economic power. When you put on one of our pieces, we guarantee that you'll feel like the total bad@ss that you are and be compelled to pursue your wildest goals.


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