Earning the Negronis – Prima Dona Studios

Earning the Negronis

Welcome to Earning the Negronis.
  This is an "Adventure Line" for those, who like us, believe that rules are someone else's opinion. 

There's nothing we love more than a great origin story. And we want to armor you for yours.

All of our new Earning the Negronis pieces were designed as a result of a global adventure that originated with us finding a small amount of artisan fabric that we absolutely loved.

We managed to smuggle home enough of this textile in our own luggage to make an extremely limited number of pieces. Like 12 pieces.  Once these are gone, they’re gone forever. 

We hope you love wearing these limited edition pieces of art as much as enjoyed making them. 

**While supplies last, each piece comes with our Maboneng Mask, an extremely comfortable double-layered mask, to keep you safe, friend**