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Why Are There 10 Different Batman Movies?

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"This stuff that I'm doing has been done AND shared a zillion times already. Why would anyone care?"
I get this question all the time and my answer is typically bossy big sister, as follows: 

Oh really? Why are there 10 versions of Batman movies? You think people FORGOT about the previous version? NO. They just want a different point-of-view. 

Look, there are only X number of stories...but there are an infinite ways to tell them.  Your audience is looking for the storytellers INTERPRETATION of an existing concept.
So instead of fixating on what specifically you're trying to share, focus on YOUR story of doing that thing.
Let's do an example of Building a Bookcase.  Break it down into 3 questions that you will answer for your audience: 
1. What problem are you trying to solve?
2. What are you doing to solve it?
3. How are you solving it?

Let's imagine that two people are building bookcases: a) Scott Hanselman (former CS professor, has a techie-style work environment, loves IOT)
b) April Speight (former fashion merchandiser, has a very chic work environment, loves Mixed Reality)

Scott's Bookcase story would be something like this: 
Problem: "Hey friends! I ordered 35 IoT devices in a state of insomnia last week. My wife Mo will NOT let me scatter these all over the house..."
Solution: "so I need to store these here in my office.  I'll build a bookshelf to stash these boards so I can see them easily. 
How: "I am going to build a shelf out of my old computer parts that light up. Follow along here!"

April's Bookcase story would be something like this; 
Problem: "Hello everyone! I went on a bit of a design book buying binge AND pre-ordered a lot of VR headsets. They all arrived today and are taking over my office."
Solution: "This mess will not do, so today I'm going to build a bookshelf to stash my design books and my VR headsets."
How:  "I'm going to build mine from this hand-polished driftwood from a local farmers market in LA where I live."

And you know each of them would have a VERY different way of explaining what they were building, why they were choosing that way and such. 

Would anyone get bored and say, "whatever, bookshelves have been built a zillion times?" NO. Because both of these people are solving their OWN problem and sharing their HOW with all of you. 

When you decide to share your work (your day job, your hobby, your side-hustle, whatever), just keep two things in mind: 1. People LOVE beginner content (seriously, 101 content gets seen 50000% more than non-beginner--because there are more beginners in the world than non-beginners)
2. People love hearing YOUR story and interpretation of how to do something

BTW, this article has been written a zillion times too--but never by your bossy big sister :P

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