Kristina Kite, Sunset Wax – Prima Dona Studios
Blue and pink shirtdress with a twisted waist
Kristina Kite, Sunset Wax
Kristina Kite, Sunset Wax

Kristina Kite, Sunset Wax

We love the idea of a shirt dress--but never found one we absolutely love due to their shapeless nature.  We are engineers after all, so we decided to be create the perfect one. . Please welcome the Kristina Kite. She's the perfect companion for when you need to go out and happen to things…WHILE looking fierce. Whether you're getting on that 15 hour flight, meandering creatively through that new city or writing the final lines of code for that big product release, we've got you covered.


The Kite has lined sleeves for comfort, a hidden size zipper and yes, there is a pocket on the side that's big enough to hold your phone and wallet, because how are you going to "happen to things" without your hands free? Since each dress is hand-tailored WHEN you order it, you can check out our size chart for what works for you OR can choose our made-to-measure option.


Our model and and namesake Kristina Libby is a bad@ass in every aspect of life. From being the Chief Science Officer of Hypergiant, the fastest growing AI company on the planet to being a NYU professor to being the fastest reader of anyone we know, she does it all in 24 hours and looks chic af while doing so. Her best career advice, "Think BIGGER. Most people set small, reachable goals because they're afraid of failing. Think about a goal you and multiply it by 10. NOW is a goal worthy of your talent and ambition."