Alice Adventure Shirtdress, Batik Studio Linen – Prima Dona Studios
Knee-length shirtdress made in the  silkiest, softest, lightest linen fabric. The print is blue and red paint splotches on a white background. Deep side pockets.
Alice Adventure Shirtdress, Batik Studio Linen
Alice Adventure Shirtdress, Batik Studio Linen

Alice Adventure Shirtdress, Batik Studio Linen

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? Who are we to decide? It's totally up to you!   However you choose to wear it, the Alice Adventure shirtdress cinches in at the waist to be maximally flattering. This is the perfect casual piece with kicks (or flip flops!) during the day or with heels at night. And of course, giant pockets to hold your phone, wallet and keys. 

The Batik Studio linen is inspired by the batik painting experience we're getting here in Barbados. This is the silkiest, softest, lightest linen fabric you've ever felt. You'll want to wear this dress every single day. 

Since each dress is hand-tailored WHEN you order it, you can check out our size chart for what works for you OR can choose our made-to-measure option. 

This dress's namesake Alice Steinglass is the President of, an organization with the mission to give every student at every school the opportunity to learn computer science. Alice is a passionate advocate of computer science in EVERY classroom in EVERY country in the world and works tirelessly to make this happen. Alice has the unique gift of being able to spot other people's superpowers and make sure that they are using these powers for maximum impact in the world. Her best career advice is this: "We ask 'Where do you want to be in 5 years?' and it's the wrong question. You'll be a different person in five years and the world isn't staying still either. Instead, introspect. Understand your strengths and what makes you tick. THEN grab opportunities when you see them. You don't need to know where you'll be next - know how to evaluate choices along the way."